Portsmouth Garage Door Spring Repair

You’ve arrived at Portsmouth Garage Repair, where our staff mobile garage door specialists stay up to date with developing technologies in the garage door industry, which means we are able to carry an impressive selection of reputable products in Portsmouth, Virginia. Our garage door springs are all coated with a clean, black protective finish in order to prevent corrosion. Take a look at our recommendations:

  • torsion springs - For sure, we’re your torsion spring experts! Torsion springs are manufactured with oil-tempered wire to further forestall corrosion.
  • roll-up door springs - For roll-up garage doors, our roll-up spring is ideal, producing the least level of noise possible. For longer life, they are hard-drawn and oil-tempered.
  • extension springs - Double-looped, open-looped, and with clipped ends, they are oil-tempered, giving maximum strength.

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If your garage door ever goes awry, chances are, you are probably going to need to repair your garage door spring. If so, then it is time to hire Portsmouth Garage Repair’s reliable staff mobile garage door experts! We’ll assess the exact nature of your problem, and do your repairs in a just a jiffy!

Our eminently qualified mobile garage door technicians here on staff at Portsmouth Garage Repair apply advanced technology and skill to work with the utmost safety.